2 Easy Mantra To Solve Love Marriage Problem

2 Easy Mantra To Solve Love Marriage Problem , ” There is a trend now a days which is followed is “Love Marriage” sometime it is accepted and sometime it is not. Some Run their love marriage happily and some gets fail due to different reasons such as lacking of interest change in priorities compatibility different etc.

Though, living a happy life is not a easy task is require lot of hard work, patience and trust to move forward with the one you love. In the case of love marriage there are more problems such as different caste, religion, customs and believing people often forget to follow the Kundali milan which result into face in bad consequence.

2 Easy Mantra To Solve Love Marriage Problem

Family is the main problem which arises conflict between love marriages so couples go ahead in taking wrong steps. But it not right way to pursue as you whole life depends on you. There is a solution for every problem it is just how you found it.

Other than that love marriage if sorted Lays you with beautiful memories it require lots of patience to hold on for so long the main consequence that arises in the Love marriage is couples compare their earlier life to married life which is not appropriate as there are lot of changes before and the matter and as the time changes situation also.

Love Marriage Problem Solution

As we get busy in household activities which result in conflicts. There is need to understand for both men and women for this you should follow some steps to maintain your relationship.

Don’t expect: Most of the time problem arises because of lots of expectation from your partner. We cannot make them follow are rules or do work according to our expectations, In which we get hurt. So keep doing your work in spite of thinking or expecting anything.

Do What Make You Feel Good: No one is perfect in this world so stop thinking about perfection accept the flaws and move on with do that work which make you happy you are not a Super Woman/Men that can think or make everyone happy so think of your happiness as well.

Marriage Problem Solution

Accept the Differences Before and After Marriage: Every marriage require a sacrifice and compromise to be run happily. So keeping it in mind there will be lot of differences between before and after. Accept the challenges, new members without expecting them to change for you. They may change as the time changes according to you but it will not happen overnight. So have patience for it.

Do Not Care About Society or Socialism: When you choose your own soul mate according to Indian society. It is a matter of respect and many more issue with it but all you have to do it ignore it and follow your own path because your destiny is beautiful as your happiness lies with your soul mate.

Trust Your Partner: Many Times marriages face this problem of Trust. So you have to keep trust on your partner that is the only thing which makes you connected with each other. Don’t forget that you both have made sacrifice a lot for each other.