February 6, 2023
प्रेमिका के दिल में प्यार बढ़ाने का टोटका

प्रेमिका के दिल में प्यार बढ़ाने का टोटका-प्रेमिका को काबू करने के उपाय

प्रेमिका के दिल में प्यार बढ़ाने का टोटका-प्रेमिका को काबू करने के उपाय , " If you are in love with a boyfriend and your boyfriend is deeply in love with you, but there are sudden changes in him from a particular period of time.
You are having a strong feeling that his love for you is demenishing, you must once try our solution.
You will definetely get result after performing the solution provided by us.

Now let us tell you how to perform solution :-

Firstly, write the name and date of birth of your boyfriend on the leaf of Sacred Fig, then put 3 Cardamom on it.
Now fold that leaf and tie it up with red thread. Next, You have to wait for some time until the leaf dry up.

When the leaf is dried, open the thread and grind it up. Now put the grinded powder on a black piece of cloth.

Afterwards, chant the mantra provided by us and turn around the black cloth with the grinded solution around deepak up for 3 times.

Finally,mix up the solution with the same oil used in Deepak properly.

At last, tilak the paste on your forehead everytime before going in front of your lover.

It will take few moments for your boyfriend to realise his love and dedication for you.

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